Discord Streamers

So, you're wondering what perks the streamers in our Discord get and how to become one? Awesome! You're in the right place. 

It takes no effort at all to become a streamer in our Discord. All we require is that you fill out the Streamer Bio form here so that we can get your links and information added to our Discord channels. After you fill out the form (and are in the Discord) we'll assign you the Streamer role that will unlock a whole new category within the server for you to use.

What is the perk to becoming a streamer with us? Well...


  • Networking: We offer a place for you to come in and make connections with other streamers who right off the bat share the same mindset as you. They’re here to grow, network, and make genuine connections with people in the streaming and gaming world. People who are willing to put in the work to grow on whatever path they’ve set themselves on. 

  • Setting up / Decking out your stream: Learn how to properly set up sound commands, overlays, alerts, voice mods, stream wheels, and anything else you could possibly imagine to make your stream unique and incredibly you.


  • Offline Graphics & Thumbnail creation: Graphic tutorials that will allow you to make the perfect thumbnail for that YouTube video of yours to maximize viewership and click-through rates, or panels that will make your Twitch page look more professional and readable, maybe even just a banner for your Twitter page. We have multiple graphic artists that can show you how it's done, or do it for you.


  • Discord Creation / Networking sessions: Learn how to build the perfect Discord for you and your content. Master the bots that are out there for engagement and entertainment to keep people coming back to your server. Learn how to network truly and organically with other streamers to build connections that will last and be beneficial to both parties. Not just "support-for-support"


  • Event hosting: Learn how to host a good on-stream event that is realistically accomplishable and engaging for its entire duration.


  • Video Editing: Get help with making the perfect YouTube or TikTok video, or maybe you just need a quick Twitch intro trailer to make your page perfect. Whether you want to do it yourself or have some help getting it done, we have people who can help.


  • Stream Engagement and Viewership Retention: Get tips on what works and what definitely doesn’t when it comes to building and maintaining your viewership. Recognize when dips are your fault and when they aren’t, how to perk up a failing stream, and how to protect your psyche from streamer “burn-out”. 

From hosting weekly "how-to" sessions in the Discord to offering channels full of guides and even 1:1 voice chats with experienced streamers who are here to help you. If you're not convinced, then that's okay, maybe this isn't the place for you, but if streaming is your passion and you're dedicated to seeing it grow, what's the harm? 

Have questions? Check out our FAQ !