About Us

...how our stars converged...


Our Story

The founders of Astral Convergence met two years ago in a streaming community that advertised itself as a place for streamers to network, make friends, support each other and earn support in return. It was your standard, twisted, support-for-support community that drove viewership to the moderators / owner of the Discord server. It, like many other servers and streaming communities, baited people in with the promise of viewers and stream growth but consistently failed to deliver. 

Our founders came together with a similar goal of creating a place where people could find true growth for their stream while making genuine connections with honest and real people that shared similar opinions and viewpoints when it came to streaming. No bull, no hoops to jump through, just genuine hard work in building their individual streams whilst also helping others.

Since then, AC has become a place where any streamer can come in and so long as they practice respect, acceptance, and kindness, they can seek tools for stream growth, promote their content, make friends, find people to game with, and are pushed to growth on a personal level as well. Here, we're all about "True Growth", not just watching your numbers grow, but yourself as well. We offer a unique place for the weary to rest their heads, rant about their daily struggles, extend a hand out to others in assistance, and take a walk in many other people's shoes. Here, we consider all perspectives, ideas, and ways of life, and accept them all. So long as you're respectful of all others, you'll be respected and appreciated in re turn.

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